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This blog is run and managed by the Franklin, MA Conservation Commission and allows nature-lovers to share their experiences at the natural areas in Franklin, MA. Citizens science is a popular and effective means of obtaining data in which information is gathered from educated, but “non-professional”, individuals. The purpose of this blog is to gather information about the amazing natural areas in Franklin and to create a sense of pride and connection between the residents and land. If you would like to report your own nature findings, feel free to submit a message using the button to the right.


Vernal Pools

What are vernal pools, and why are they so important to various species in nature? A few weeks ago, I could not have answered that question, but after researching and exploring these pools, I am eager to share the information. Vernal pools, also known as “seasonal depression wetlands”, are wetlands that have a seasonal cycleContinue reading “Vernal Pools”

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